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Click on the Course Info tab to the right to get more information on new course for 2020, which includes both of the areas listed above. Then click on the Register and Purchase tab to the right to see pricing, more detailed course info, and make a purchase when you are ready. When you visit the Register and Purchase page, you are not committed to buy. So check out all of the information you can. 

If you would rather just call us, we would love to hear from you. Our office phone number is 281-758-5572 and Gwen's cell number is 225-205-1984.

Statewide Notary Education, LLC provides a unique way for notaries to keep up to date with changes in the law. 
If you find it difficult to keep up with changing or new statutes and jurisprudence which may affect your practice each year, you may be putting yourself at risk. Learning the
Recent Developments in the Law and Advanced Topics for Notaries is essential to a safe and profitable practice.

Practicing notaries have needs that are different from persons who are studying to become a notary. These courses are designed to answer the kinds of tough questions and situations you encounter after you have obtained your commission, when you need to keep abreast of changes, practice pointers, drafting techniques and just brushing up on what has happened since you went to notary school.

This is truly a challenging learning experience you do not want to miss.
 Refresh what you have forgotten, learn what’s new, build your confidence and learn how to expand your practice.